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What You Need to Know About Wood, Wood Stain, the Government, and Value

What is wood protection? Typically people think of wood protection as a means to protect the wood from sun and rain damage. Over time UV rays will continue to degrade wood and water intrusion will eventually lead to fungus, molds, and rot.


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Recipe for Quality Wood Stain

It sounds too good to be true. But, in fact, there is a wood stain available that combines the effectiveness of the drying concentrate of a typical stain with two non-drying oils, which soak into the wood and actually improve the condition of the wood.

eClean Magazine

Why Customers Choose Armstrong Clark

One thing that separates professional wood contractors from the pack is the type of products they use. And one of the most popular brands for professional wood contractors is Armstrong Clark.

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Norcal Wood Restoration & Painting, Mill Valley, California

The granite crags, cliffs and boulders of the Sierra Nevada drew Blaine Robles to Lake Tahoe in 1987. He supported himself by tending bar in the winter and spent as much of the summer as he could rock climbing and otherwise goofing off.

Move up to new business — on the roof!

Cedar shakes and shingles have been used for hundreds of years. And as a roofing material, they offer more than aesthetic appeal: Wood is a renewable resource, has insulating qualities, and is wind and impact resistant.

Oils or Acrylics: Choosing the Right Stain for the Job

Professional painters about to start an exterior staining job must answer several questions before the first can is opened. What kind of finish and tint does the customer want? What kind of weather conditions will the house be subjected to? And most important, what’s the best product for the job?

All Hands on Deck! Restoring and maintaining wood decks can be a profitable niche.

For some contractors, the prospect of restoring a weathered wooden deck has about as much appeal as getting a big splinter in their finger.
Species and age of the wood will determine final color. Always try a test sample first