Shake Shield

Jake Clark
Jake Clark
Cleaned and preserved with Shake Shield
Shake Shield is a one-coat, high solids semi-transparent pigmented finish for unpainted wood shakes and shingles.

Armstrong's Shake Shield is made up of heavy and light-bodied oils. Heavy bodied oils provide water repellency. Light bodied oils combined with solvent penetrate deep into the wood.

Armstrong's Shake Shield repels water, replenishes the natural oils baked out by the sun, thereby adding flexibility to the wood and the pigments reflect the sun's UV rays, thus retarding the graying process of the wood. Reconditioned shakes should reduce damage caused by wind and hail.

Product Technology

Armstrong's Shake Shield is specifically designed for weathered wood shake or shingle roofs. Although Armstrong's Shake Shield works extremely well on older roofs of 15-20 years old, it should be applied to new roof installations as well. 60-80% of the natural oils leach and bake out of wood roofs within the first five years. It is to the advantage of any owners of a wood roof to use Armstrong's Shake Shield at the earliest opportunity.

Shake Shield Pricing

Maintain Your Wood Shake Roof Now or Pay Later. The following is based on a 3,000 square foot roof. The prices have been averaged between California and Mid West markets. Labor and material costs vary.  
Armstrong's Shake Shield - $37.40 gallons X 30 gal. to maintain roof ONLY... $1122.00
Class B Fire Retardant Wood Shakes - Tear off and install new $18,000
Untreated Wood Shakes - Tear off and install new $15,000
40 year Composition Asphalt Shakes - Tear off and install new $11,000
30 year Composition Asphalt Shakes - Tear off and install new $ 9,000


Q. Why does wood deteriorate?
A. Pure and simple it loses its protective nondrying natural oils. The wood turns gray, splits and absorbs water - the food source for infestation.

Q. How is Armstong's different?
A. Armstrong has nondrying oils in the formulas. During the drying process these oils completely separate; penetrate deep and bulk into the dry wood fibers. The balance of the formula dries on top and locks in the nondrying oils. You get two layers of protection with one spray pass or brush stroke.

Q. Do you use Titanium-dioxide in your formulas?
A. Titanium-dioxide is used by most paint and stain manufacturers to increase hide (opacity). We feel that this clouds the final color. We only use Transparent-oxide and earth colors in our coatings. The color is therfore much sharper.

Q. Does Shake Shield allow the shakes to breathe?
A. Yes, Shake Shield repells liquid (H20) however vapor from inside the house is free to exit.

Q. Why use Armstrong's Wood Stain?
A. Armstrong's has nondrying conditioning oils that separate from the drying side of the formulas. These oils penetrate deep into the wood fiber where the wood's natural oils used to be. This process rejuvinates the wood. The drying oils stay at the surface and lock in the conditioning oils and create a dry to the touch barrier. Armstrong's formulas also contain vegetable oils, transparent-oxide pigments, water repellents, mildecide and solvent. Armstrong's contains no titanium-dioxide (like most companies). (Driftwood tone excluded)
Species and age of the wood will determine final color. Always try a test sample first