I know you probably don't remember, but I spoke with you a few weeks ago regarding your Sierra Redwood stain for a S Texas White Pine deck. well I did end up ordering it and got everything done. I know you have seen elaborate decks before so this one is no super deck, but everybody that sees it just cant believe the color and beauty of the stain and finished product. I have included a few pics.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic with the results! I do wish you were distributed in this part of the country because I think you could do really well based on the competition.

Thanks for taking the time to call me back when I enquired on your product.


Re-stain1500sf Ipe deck with Armstrong Mahogany Hardwood. Last stained 3+ years ago with Penofin. Deck has Southern exposure.

Deck Preparation:
Pressure wash and clean.

Application Weather Conditions:
Full sun. 90F.

Applied stain with paint pad per suggestion of the Rodda Paint salesperson. The application couldn't have been easier. No pooling of stain. Quick and thorough coverage.

No noxious fumes.

Easy cleanup.Stain dried within 36 hours despite morning dew on the deck.

Heavy rains 48 hours after application. Water beaded on deck. Weathered the storm perfectly.

Cannot wait to see how the stain holds up through the Fall and Winter!

I highly recommend your product to anyone wanting an alternative to Penofin. Considering the ease of application and the absolutely stunning finish, I will no longer dread keeping up with deck maintenance!

Thank you for providing such an outstanding product.

Warmest Regards,
Jim T

Dear Jake,

I am sorry that I took so long to get back to you regarding your stain. The pictures I have attached don’t do the stain justice.

I can’t say enough good things about your “new” Armstrong’s Mahogany Stain Hardwood Finish. First the stain was easy to use. But even more important, the finish is rich and elegant.

The stain was painted on my IPE deck about 5 weeks ago. The next day there was a small area that still looked wet so I took a rag and moped it up. It cleaned up as easily as wiping up water. It was not sticky and after moping up, it blended in with the other deck boards. No residue was left around the edges.

Also, I have a sixty pound dog that likes to tease my 12 pound cat until the cat fights back which causes scratch marks on the deck. Sometimes with in minutes, sometimes longer, the scratch marks slowly disappear. So my experience is that this stain is also scratch and scuff resistant.

Since applying the finish, we have also had some unusual weather, both extremely hot, and rain. The heat did not dull the stain, and the rain water did not penetrate it. I was concerned that after the rain evaporated, the deck would have water stains, but it did not.

After five weeks, this deck still looks as though it was just stained the day before. Only time will tell how many months the stain will last, but if all I have to do is wash the deck before recoating it, that is a very strong selling point for me. (It was time consuming and expensive getting the previous finish off.)

This stain is by far the most beautiful finish I have ever used on the deck.

Again, thank you so much for letting me try it out.

Susie, Sonoma, Ca.

Hello Jake,

This is Steve Shull, I had spoke with you on the phone a few weeks ago about our deck. Well we finished it, and I must say your product was wonderful, definitely as good as you said. We decided to sand off the old Olympic stain, to get the best finish. The stain went on very easy and soaked in really well, You were also right about cleaning, we just take our blower & any leaves or dirt just comes right off. The color is just perfect! We have told 2 other friends about your product, and I will definitely use your product when I build my Moms deck next spring. I have enclosed some attached pictures of before and after.

Once again thank you for taking the time to talk to me...and feel free to contact me any time.

Steve & Sheila Shull

Wood Deck Before ArmstrongClark Wood Deck Before ArmstrongClark
Wood deck before (left) and after (right) application of Armstrong-Clark's Transparent Wood Stains

Ocean Pines Dear Jake Clark,

At Camp Ocean Pines, we use your “Armstrong Cedar Tone” fortified with flame retardant on the exterior of our cabins. We use strawbale and stucco construction along with a natural edge wood siding from our winter felled trees. Your product gives a beautiful look and protection against the elements and provides a level of fire protection.

Set in a private and peaceful pine forest with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, Camp Ocean Pines serves thousands of campers each year. This wonderful natural setting is an ideal place for environmental education, summer camp, and adult weekend groups. We’ve hosted everyone from kids with cancer to church retreats to artists on a sculptor workshop! Everyone loves our unique cabins.

Thank you for working with us to develop a product that is just right for our needs. We look forward to doing business with you as the camp grows through the years.


Chris Cameron
Executive Director
Camp Ocean Pines

Yellow Cedar Dear Mr. Parker, Plant Manager of Armstrong Clark Company

Yellow CedarWe purchased a cabin in Twain Harte, California, last year. The house and deck had suffered years of neglect, showing signs of wear, mildew and mold. The local hardware store sales people recommended Armstrong products for the cleaning of the wood surfaces and their subsequent staining. We are writing to you to tell you how pleased we are with your products. They offered effective application and coverage. It's been over a year now and the cabin's wood exterior and deck still look like new. We have suggested using your products to our friends in the mountains and in the Bay Area and all have had good experiences with Armstrong wood finishes. We are enclosing a photograph of our cabin and are happy to recommend your wood finishes.

Tony and Nancy Corica

From California Roof Savers:

As we enter our sixth year of using Shake Shield, I thought I would let your know how pleased we are with its performance. During these five years we've restored and preserved several thousand homes and we are satisfied with the mildew control and performance of Shake Shield. This is quite impressive as many of these roofs are within several miles of the ocean where mildew and other moisture-laden problems occur. The wood roofs we restored in 1995 are still in a very sound condition. They are void of mildew (I now offer a five -year guarantee against mildew, moss and dry rot), the shakes are laying flat and following a close-up inspection are in substantially better overall condition than before treatment.

Since I entered the wood roof restoration business in 1988, I have tested many different products and even made my own, but I can honestly say Shake Shield is the finest product available for wood roofs. The five-plus year life of Shake Shield and a good restoration is so much less expensive and so much less troublesome than replacing the roof.

Once again, Shake Shield is worth every penny and I look forward to another five years of doing business with The Armstrong-Clark Company.
Your truly,
Kevin Curry
California Roof Savers

From Shake Shavers:

For the past 16 years Shake Savers, Inc., has used Armstrong-Clark Company products. We specialize in architectural renovations and I am constantly testing other products to find the best. In testing Shake Shield and Weather Shield to those of other manufacturers, I find no comparison at all. Shake Shield, applied properly can outlast competing products by many times. Shake Shield is designed to help save the costly expense of replacement.

The roof restorations we have performed are proof that treatment scheduled every 5 to 8 years with Shake Shield can provide unmatched protection from the the challenging weather conditions found in Cleveland. Shake roofs will last 20 to 25 years in this are if not treated. I have seen many products that have boasted effectiveness. Some of these products were eventually found to deteriorate roofs and cause wood decay. Other products have been tested in labs and boast to the "the most effective." None of these products have the complete list of protectants. No other product that I have tested outlasted Shake Shield outside the lab.

Proper methods of restoration and a great understanding of the properties of wood seem to be a great priority to you and those at Armstrong-Clark. In the scores of truckloads I have ordered from you over the years, I always receive a quality and consistent product. The enclosed letter from Barb Silver, one of my customers at GLH is further proof that we use only a quality product that we can stand behind. Shake Shield will help Shake Savers, Inc., maintain this happy customer for many years to come.

I could not afford to use anything less than your products. Thank you for helping Shake Savers become the largest wooden roof restoration company in Ohio.

John F. Sindelar