"Don't waste your time with any other stain. This stain doesn't peel or crack. It's easy to apply and my customers never have any problems."

John, Owner - BJs' Paint N' Place
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"As a relatively new Armstrong-Clark dealer, we have been very pleasantly surprised at the amount of product that we are selling. There is a strong demand..."
Harry Adler
Adler Brothers, Inc., Owner
Rhode Island
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"I have used a lot of deck stains over the last 50 years. Armstrong Clark is by far the finest product I've ever used."
Randy H.
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"A few years ago I was discouraged with exterior stain grade work... then I discovered Armstrong-Clark, and honestly, it has been a game changer."
Noah K.
Nth Degree Painting, Owner
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"I have used Armstrong-Clark 2 times so far. Love the results and ease of cleaning. No stripping and scrubbing and it covers evenly. Love it!! We used Redwood Tone. It rained several hours after we finished but there were no problems!"
Cathy C.
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"About a month back I spoke with you regarding your Armstrong-Clark Amber oil based wood stain. You had asked me if I would send you a few photo's of my garage doors when I finished stripping and staining them..."
Gary H.
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"I just wanted to tell you your stain is the best I've used on decks. I learned of your product in The Paint Contractor I used your hardwood stain on 2 mahogany decks today color Amber it came out beautiful I brushed it out Later in the day..."
John Ferry
Ferry Painting Co., Owner
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